performance marketing case verbund


By linking search, display and mobile, plus using messaging tailored to each audience, each user was reached with the right message at the right time, resulting in a significant decrease in CPO.

Our Results

  • +32%

    Increase of conversions

  • -48%

    Decrease of CPO

Performance: comparable campaign period YoY

Our Strategy

Aside from ATL activities, the main focus was to generate conversions through digital channels in the section energy and gas of private customers. VERBUND segmented its existing clients as well as the Austria’s entire energy-market. 
The generated insights of Austria’s energy market were used to address users during their many steps of their customer journey individually. To do so, a few selected digital channels, including internal as well as external datasets, were coordinated accordingly with the clear aim to generate the optimal content for each user at the right time. 

The marketing campaign includes a multi-layered programmatic audience-strategy, Dynamic Creatives (with more than 1.400 banner versions), a five-layered retargeting, sharing of retargeting lists between Search and DBM (DoubleClick Bid Manager), optimization of recency in retargeting, SEA Bid Manager on the basis of effects of TV, but also the measurement and analysis of competitors SEA activities via third-party tools. 

Our Solution

The main focus of this campaign was to revise the programmatic targeting strategy. The analysis was based on the segmentation of Austria’s energy market, as well as further relevant signals which would indicate a potential switch to VERBUND. 

Through Dynamic Creatives and the intertwining of SEA and Display, users’ attention were captures via multi-layered retargeting. By doing so, users received relevant messages fitting to each step of the customer-journey and were assisted until completion of conversion.

Additionally, recency & frequency caps were optimized according to touchpoints to prevent users from receiving too much advertisement. What is more, through monitoring of SEA activities of competitors we were able to adjust bidding strategies well, which prove to be highly efficient. 

The accumulated insights of performance of target group, Dynamic Creatives, SEA, mobile share, recency etc. were combined in a comprehensive dashboard to further navigate and optimize performance.

At the iab webAD 2017, together with our sister-company Vizeum, we won BRONZE in the category „Best Data Insight”.