Our campaign #meinelebensliste had two main focuses:    user activations & current account conversion

Our Results

  • +185%

    Increase of  overall display CTR*

  • +37%

    Increase of remarketing CTR*

  • +18.5%

    Increase in new users

  • +252%

    Increase of social media  engagement - the highest user engagement rate ING DiBa has had in history 

* Time span 22.3-26.5. compared to 27.5.-31.7.2016 (time of campaign)


How does one communicate effectively ING-DiBa’s clear transformation away from “No money to waste” to an empowering brand with a new current account carrying the motto “the ultimate banking experience of your life”? With a new campaign that emphasizes the explicit mission “more time for what really matters” and simultaneously introduces the new product. We launch the new campaign #meinelebensliste with two objectives: User activations and current account conversion.

We asked consumers to share three wishes they had on their bucket list using the hashtag #meinelebensliste to inspire people to go on new adventures, to learn new things, and most importantly to share joy with their peers. To generate more outreach, we used Social Media, Online Video, Influencer Marketing, Digital Display, as well as TV-ads.

Users shared more than 5.000 lifetime wishes; a jury decided which life-list was completed. The winning list was seamlessly integrated into the campaign.

Simultaneously, the active community was retargeted to further present the current account and increase conversions.

With Digital as key medium, targeted groups were directed to ING-DiBa’s current account through the lifelists. Within the multi-level campaign and the implementation of retargeting activities, product features were presented and finalized.

At the iab webAD 2016 we won GOLD in the category „Best integrated campaign“ with ING DiBa.