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Making Your Application Stand Out

Could I get a job at iProspect?

Do you have an affinity with technology, love thinking up new ideas, believe that details matter and client service is everything? If you answered ‘yes’ to all of that, we’re officially interested.

What do you look for on a resume?

We want to see intelligence, a flair for digital, determination and all round team player-ness. If your education, work history and personal interests cover these areas, perfect.

Do I need to be 'creative'?

We’re technical yes, driven by digital of course but fresh thinking is a must. So we expect you to have a maverick streak and draw inspiration from all kinds of places. That’s the kind of spark we want to see.

What questions will you ask?

We want to get to know you, so we’ll ask you to tell us all about yourself and the things you’ve done. We’ll also plunge into to your experiences with digital and tech to find out more about what skills and knowledge you can bring to us.

Do I have to be a digital expert?

If this is your first job in digital media, it’s more about potential. Perhaps you’re amazing at finding online deals, or you’re a Pinterest addict, know all about the latest apps. If you’ve worked in digital before, you’ll have achievements and insights that stand out. Either way, we want to hear all about it.

What kinds of people do you look for?

We’re interested in talent — not a particular type of person. We hire brilliant people from all sorts of backgrounds, with all kinds of experiences. It’s one reason we’re so good at what we do, and why we get such great results for our clients.

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