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Media Trends 2022

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The world is recovering from the pandemic and adapting to new ways of life, both in changed habits and behaviours, but also new rules for businesses to navigate to continue to prosper.

Necessity is the mother of invention. Times of crisis and recession have been, in retrospect, times of enormous opportunity and innovation, and times of growth for those who make the right decisions. 

Technologies and ways of working that might have seemed an interesting experiment in other times have become essential. 

In this report we look at three megatrends that are helping to define the recovery, each with smaller manifestations or sub-trends, with major implications for brands. 

Amanda Morrissey, iProspect Brand President:  "There is opportunity in understanding how consumers live in both real and virtual worlds, and how and when they intersect. Media is really going to help brands not only build relationships today but focus on where consumers will be tomorrow."

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