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Is this another text explaining why mobile performance marketing is important? No, not today, but if you are searching for that it will not be difficult to find it through your preferred search engine. Those texts are booming right now. Regular affiliate networks reveal us that they are working on mobile networks, experts that let us know about mobile trends and affiliates questioning the slow progress on the given trend. We turn to a country that is the largest per capita eCommerce market in the world and is having an exciting year, not only because the prince got married but also because it is the “Year of the Mobile”. By the end of the year, UK will have more shipments of smartphones than PCs. Of course this doesn’t leave performance marketing cold. Potential is the keyword. And the fact that 13% of the mobile users last year made purchases through their phone puts the dollar sign in the eyes of every executive and calls for action. Who thought that consumers will bother in making purchases on small devices with clumsy fingers? Well, that reality is here. People do buy through their smartphones.  Not only do they buy but they are impulsive buyers and have a good economic situation. Because of this, almost 50% of the eCommerce companies in the UK will probably include mobile marketing as a part of their strategy 2011. At the moment mobile performance marketing is floating along with performance marketing that we are used to, on our PCs. Chris Giddins, Product Director of Digital Window claims that the browser used in mobile phones are similar to the ones we use on our PCs. Therefore there are for the moment no difficulties to track purchases made on a browser of a smartphone through an affiliate link. Luckily it is like that because the publishers were getting worried. Still, we “only” have the humble number of 13% showing us the purchases made last year through smartphones. This can easily increase if the number of merchants having a mobile site or app improves. With a mobile site it is possible to improve the load time, smooth the product search and ease the check out process. Conversion should then get better and won’t be so dependent on the size of the screen since it has been showed that the bigger the screen the greater the conversion. Size does matter! Another option is of course an app. It is said that an app is the best option if you have a large number of returning customers. The possibilities with an app are great since it can connect with the phone’s GPS, camera, music library, phone book and so on. Therefore, only the imagination can set limits here.  The Swedish fastest growing fashion site, bubbleroom.com present their collection and blog in their app and offers free delivery for all orders made through their app. Simple and works as a golden carrot. bubbleroom mCommerce is an evolution that the merchants in the UK have to embrace with building an app and/or a mobile site, the sooner the better.  Just for the simple reason to meet the demand of the market.  Not to mention that the mCommerce is an attractive market since it has been predicted to not show any recession for the next 5 years. I guess that is also the reason why mobile affiliate networks are popping up like Starbucks. Last month was the first UK’s global mobile affiliate network launched - Linking Mobile. They offer the same as our regular affiliate networks; publishers, tracking and monitoring affiliate campaigns through mobile site or app. It means that the way is open for affiliates now right? Why not offer in-store cashback like among others, Debenhams and Blockbuster are doing through the Quidco app that was newly launched? quidco Do we have something similar in Germany or are Germans maybe still too cautious to make purchases involving sending bank and credit card details over the smartphone? Well, that’s maybe another blog entrance. The purpose of these lines was not to explain why mobile performance marketing is important. No, actually more than that, to encourage moving your business towards the future. mCommerce is sexy and coming towards us, if we want it or not. And performance marketing is finding its way and moving along.  So, start moving, the others already are. The explido affiliate marketing team will be happy to answer your questions regarding international affiliate marketing.  Drop us a line at andrea.sarmiento@explido.de