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Recap SES London All you should know within 10 highlights 173 takeaways and 45 SEO hints

The Search Engine Strategies London is the leading European conference & expo. You can learn how to optimize your website for the most efficient crawling and indexing. Also how to use keyword analysis to discover top converting words and phrases for optimum conversion. This year one of the highlights was the Meet the Experts: Round Table Forum where attendees could learn, network and share information with their peers and leading industry specialists. The SES London  (like any other Search Engine Strategies Conferences e.g. the SES New York) was fully packed with interesting sessions. The most attendees were from Europe so it was great to network with experts from different countries and speaking about the main topics or which the experts think they are. [youtube KEfiMSags9g] The second highlight was definitely the discussion about Pinterest and how it could not only has an impact to your Social Media Marketing but as well for your Search Engine Optimization strategy.

Avinash Kaushik‘s (Digital Marketing Evangelist, Google) keynote was amazing. He spoke about „Business Optimization in a Digital Age“ and he gave great insights how to rethink measuring. Analytics is much more then counting only page impressions, clicks or views. Ask your self on which side you are:

Super Lame or Super Awesome

Clicks or Loyalty, Recency

Page Views or Conversion Rate

Visits or Days & Visits to...

Video Views or Unaided Brand Recall

„Touches“ or Share of Shelf

Emails Sent or Economic Value

# of Press Reports or Task Completion Rate

By the way if you always wanted to know what „HITS“ mean take a closer look at the picture... ...Avinash spoke about Multi-Channel Portfolio Optimization and showed great examples. All SES presentations are available for download which is simply amazing to review the ideas and try them out. All in all this was the forth SES highlight. Why and who should attend the SES conferences is perfectly explained by Mike Grehan within a 6.05 minutes interview. [youtube eCGVcj-IJBQ] Also worth to see: The interviews from Angie Shottmuller (Founder Speaker Strategist at Interactive Artisan and SEW contributor), Marcus Tober (CTO at Searchmetrics), Andy Betts (Digital Marketing Strategist and Search Engine Watch Contributor), Chris Boggs (President of SEMPO and Director of Search and Media at Rosetta) and Ajay Syal (Sales and Marketing Director at Broadplace.com) who attended the SES London the first time. It is impossible to attend each single session at the SES if you attend the conference by one person so it is necessary to make a plan before attending the conference. One good way is to download the SES London app e.g. for your iPhone or iPad. I would like to mention couple of sessions as the fifth highlight. „Site Redesign? Don't Forget SEO Migration!“ was very interesting. Responsible company representatives know how difficult it is to manage a redesign project. During this session the speakers explained the „Standard SEO model“ and the „Customer Optimization Model“ and everyone who was already involved in a redesign project from the Search Engine Optimization perspective of know - No SEO migration is perfect! Another great session was the „Information Architecture for the Modern Website“. We all know how to develop sites to be search friendly but how do we architect sites for the rapidly evolving cross-media challenges of social media, real-time and user-generated content as it is mentioned in the description of the SES session. In times of many start-ups which are offering inspiring ideas to solve the daily „online“ user needs and which are by the way very welcomed by the users (e.g. pinterest) and who are using the services with their friends - website owners simply cannot ignore them to not implementing the new services in their website! Therefore this session was very interesting. The need for speed... ...presented during the „Why Content Strategy Is Crucial for Social Search“ session was excellent and it looks like that Social Media fills the space once dominated by news. The sixth highlight after two long second conference and expo days was the invitation from Linkdex & SEO Chicks where all attendees came together at the Old Monk Exchange to join the SES networking party. Everybody had a good time and one of the most shared Search Engine Strategies pictures of the day was this one: Back again to the sessions. „Search on Mobile Devices: The Next Frontier“ was brilliant. Good points were mentioned how to optimize your SEA campaigns for mobile devices by Sri Sharma. You can e.g. separate within your Google AdWords campaign which devices you would like to show your ad and much more than that. If you are a telecommunication company you can chose the other telecommunication networks where your ad will be displayed. That make sense just in case you would like to offer special offers for people who would like to change the network provider. Another good example was for pizza delivery services. Rethink your process and analyze your website traffic when your customers are ordering a pizza. Within that time you can make a special deal: „100% delivery within the next 15 minutes!“ Advertise when your customers are hungry! „Developing an Integrated Mobile Marketing Strategy“ was excellent. Angie Shottmuller gave a complete overview how your mobile strategy can work out within your online marketing mix. She recommended tools and spoke when does it make sense to build an app and when a mobile website is much better than that. Even if you didn‘t attend the SES London you can download the presentation here. The seventh highlight is definitely the atmosphere at the Search Engines Strategies conference & expo which you cannot transport to the web. You have to attend it to feel it. You can talk to so many people - attendees and speakers! Big compliment for the entire SES crew for realizing such kind of event! The eighth SES highlight are the free presentations which you can find all over the web provided by speakers who share them on their corporate sites, blogs, tweets or facebook messages or within their slideshare channels. To mention three: @jslipko tweeted „View my presentation from #seslondon on Understanding User Behaviour and Increasing Site „Stickiness“ http://t.co/FVXhvXkm #seo #conversion“ or @aschottmuller tweeted „MOBILE: Developing an Integrated Mobile Marketing Strategy http://t.co/1xZSGl7o - My presentation from #SESLondon" or The presentation mentioned within the fifth highlight presented by our Yamondo partner net media planet where the Papa John‘s profit per pound spent increased by 139%! The ninth highlight are the recaps which deals with other sessions and give you a good overview from the entire Search Engine Strategies conference and expo in London: The last but not least tenth highlight is all about YOU because you spent your time reading this SES London recap. I hope it helped you in some kind of way and you enjoyed it.

Thank you!