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Recap Budapest Affiliate Conference 2010

Starting with a special thank you for a great Affiliate conference and exhibiton in Budapest goes to the whole iGB Affiliate Event team and helping hands! It was a great event within the Online Gaming branch.


The Affiliate conference started on Thursday and ended up on Sunday. The official Hashtag on twitter was #BACEvent. The Budapest Affiliate conferenced focused on the latest trends in Affiliate Marketing. It also offers a great opportunity to get insights for your business within the different channels which affiliates should as well concentrate on. The attendees didn‘t only have the chance to speak directly with the Affiliate representatives of huge companies in the branch but as well to visit the conference sessions. We at explido WebMarketing where invited to speak on Saturday, the 9th of October, at the Advanced Affiliate Marketing Conference Room 1.

Short overview:

  • 1600 Expected delegates
  • Over 100 Affiliate Programs
  • 70% Affiliate attendees
  • Conference sessions that will increase your revenue
  • 4 days of the best networking available beside the conference at awesome parties, in amazing venues and in a  mind-boggling city

Is the Gaming industry different to other verticals that we, at explido, work for? Well, take a look at the first video (that I found on YouTube) with first impressions of the Affiliate Conference Budapest that was made by Victory Poker. Thanks for that one and you captured the great weather, too, which we had during the conference and some interviews as well...

Our track was about monetising social media which is not very easy to answer because the customer journey within e.g. Skillgaming is very short and to have this on mind it is more easily to understand what you have to do as an affiliate to get potential customers. SEO Affiliate know already Content is King. But I would like to extend this conclusion in terms of Social Media: „Content is King but the idea w/in is the Queen of beauty

The description of our session was „Farmville is one of the greatest success stories of Facebook. Hear from our social media expert as they discuss the business model behind virtual games and how to make revenue from a space that many thought was unmonetisable. Attend this session to find out more about monetising advertising in social media, virtual goods, conversion incentives, effective data capture and the opportunities for gaming companies and affiliates.“

„Customer Journey within Gaming - are you really ready for users out of Social Media?“


The whole Budapest Affiliate Conference 2010 schedule and speakers list is available at Budapest Affiliate Conference Website or directly clicking on schedule or speakers. As we spoke about Social Media there are already photos uploaded on the official iGaming Business Affiliate Events facebook fanpage.  The network events were all amazing and we had so much fun there as well. We hope all attendees, exhibitors, speakers and the organizer team had a safe trip home where ever you had to go, the world is appears sometimes so so so small and I hope we meet again.