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The international affiliate team of explido will present you facts and specifics about affiliate marketing abroad. Every month we will keep a close eye on different countries in this sector. The series starts with affiliate marketing in Sweden.

The Swedish e-commerce market has been increasing rapidly. With a population of 9.4 mio inhabitants and an internet usage of 92.9%, Sweden, along with Norway, Finland and Denmark, is one of the countries with the highest internet penetration worldwide. Comparatively, the European average is only 63.2%. Also their daily internet use is above the EU average (54%). Thus, approximately 78% of the users browse the World Wide Web several times a day. Even 99% of the people under 30 use the internet several times a day. Statistically speaking, they spend around 25.1 hours per month on the web, for personal and professional purposes. The growing rate of sales of smartphones and tablets also supports the field of mobile internet which is becoming more and more interesting for customers and online retailers.

A major reason for the huge affinity of the Swedish population for computers and the World Wide Web is undoubtedly the “PC-reform” at the end of the 90s. This caused the Swedes to purchase computers through favorable offers from the government. Many citizens took advantage of this opportunity and bought a personal computer. Moreover, there are many small villages in the Scandinavian countries with only a few shops, and so shopping on the internet is very popular. In 2011, 58% of the European internet users ordered goods or services over the internet. With 75%, Sweden is also above the EU average. Despite the relatively small population, there are countless shops and niche product providers, making the competition of online stores in this country enormous. In the future, online shopping will also play a decisive role. According to one study, internet users want to use online stores up to 40% more often for their purchases.

Another interesting aspect of the Swedish market is the turnover each Swede generates on the internet every year. The average shopping cart totals are all higher than in comparable neighboring countries. According to our findings, Swedish online shoppers are the most eager consumers in Europe. In Sweden, the share of online marketing/advertising budget in 2009 was 22.6% of the total amount of the overall advertising budget. In Germany, it was only 17.8%. Experts are predicting that by 2014, every fourth Euro will be invested in the online marketing sector. This prognosis gives an idea of the huge potential for publishers to earn money through affiliate marketing.

Svenska affiliate marknadsföring

The Swedish Affiliate market subdivides into following branches: the retail sector (clothes/ home electronics/ books, CDs and films) holds the biggest share of the market, followed by online dating platforms, the financial sector, as well as casino and gaming offers. The areas of internet services and mobile are of lesser importance in Sweden. Ikano bank, Siba, Dell, Bokus, Telia, Sony Ericsson and Vodafone are only some of the most well-known companies which conduct affiliate marketing on the Swedish market. Nearly every day, new partner programs like that of the KLiNGEL mail order company appear and provide publishers a large range of possible online shops to advertise. Partner programs are accepted exceptionally well if the brand is already well-established in Swedish society and owns a positive brand image.

Furthermore, the amount of the commission is still a critical factor for publishers to promote an affiliate program. A shop with good usability also has a big advantage. Simple input masks and an easy order system make online shopping easy for users. Payment possibilities by credit card (21%) or direct payment through mybank (28%) are preferred by the Swedes, but 41% of the samples of a survey prefer to purchase on account. Beside the B2B business, shops with a small range of products or very high prices and low commissions can make it hard for an affiliate program to run successfully.

The local networks, Affiliator and Ad Service Media, also belong to the biggest and most popular networks in Sweden, alongside big players like Tradedoubler, Zanox, buy.at, Webgains and Commission Junction. From a merchant’s point of view, we recommend working closely with local networks when starting in a new country. They know best about the requirements and wishes of local publishers.

In Sweden, the most popular advertising media are generic textlinks followed by banners and product feeds. Voucher codes – although very popular in Germany – rank only at position 5, right after third-party applications. Publishers generate traffic mainly through Paid Search Advertising (SEA), followed by SEO and Lead Generation. Compared to the UK or Germany, Social Media plays only a minor role.

If you would like to launch a partner program upon reading this article, we would be happy to assist you. As a potential publisher, you are welcome to collect information about international affiliate programs using our program portfolio or you may register directly with one of the networks mentioned above.

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