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8 Reasons why Conversion Optimization shortens the Customer Journey

For many users the internet is the perfect “place” to gather information. This is especially true for eCommerce-related needs. Nothing is more convenient than checking prices or comparing products online. Users browse the web to catch up on products. Display ads, newsletters and paid search ads constantly accompany the users on their journey through the depths of the internet. The Customer Journey can be subdivided into 5 important purchase decision phases:
  • Awareness
  • Favorability
  • Consideration
  • Intent to Purchase
  • Conversion

Customer Journey

How does Conversion Optimization affect the Customer Journey? Conversion Optimization targets users’ interactions with a website. Content, layout, design and further website elements get optimized in a way that users most efficiently reach their goal. At best users convert after the first contact implying that further purchase decision phases as part of a “Micro-Customer-Journey” take place directly on your website! 8 Reasons why Conversion Optimization shortens the Customer Journey:
  • Conversion Optimization starts with creatives
  • Intelligent choice of landing pages shortens the process
  • Consistency of creative and landing page
  • Optimized landing pages convince already during the awareness phase
  • Content is presented in a convincing and sales-prone manner
  • Guiding and clarity reduce bounces
  • Call-to actions guide the user through the conversion process
  • Optimized buying process are successful more rapidly
Conversion Optimization shortens the Customer Journey! Consider a user being in the awareness phase and getting in touch with your website resp. e-Commerce site for the very first time: Conversion Optimization can considerably contribute to a user’s passing through the follow-up phases (Favorability, Consideration, Intent to Purchase and Conversion) directly on your website. That’s an amazingly efficient way to prevent users from buying elsewhere And an efficient way for you to reduce ad spending! How to induce the user to click - and buy? To understand how to induce users to click you have to understand what prevents them from doing so. Users react differently to call to actions depending on the phase of the purchase decision process they are in. Skillful experts are required to identify which pages are visited during which phase of the purchase decision process to eventually take all actions to optimize the pages accordingly. As you can imagine a landing page being visited during the awareness phase has to meet different demands than a simple conversion landing page. At the beginning of their customer journey users should get informed why a certain product is exactly the right one and why they should buy it in your online shop. It’s right here where you have to invest in convincing your target audience. In later phases product illustrations, price and shipping can be sufficient to convince the user to buy. Advice on how to optimize conversion had been addressed in recent blog articles. Please find a short summary:
  • Target your audience
  • Convince your audience of your products
  • Reduce potential worries
  • Offer orientation and guidance
  • Display call-to actions
  • Convey trustworthines
  • Offer popular and established payment- and shipping options
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