International SEO experiences

International SEO activities with explido - What makes our team special? In a nutshell - it’s the people!   When explido started to expand its international activities, we, the SEO team, had the opportunity to deal with SEO in different countries all over the world. One could say that we are gaining all kinds of new experiences from day to day. Obviously, one of the first steps within this internationalization process was to acquire typical SEO expressions that came across during daily business in the specific language. What made the challenge easier to tackle is the composition of our team:
  • Native speakers:   As one important facet of successful international SEO is language, our native speaking SEO Consultants provide you a head start. It’s not only about knowledge of the language but of proper usage.
  • Experienced netheads who did SEO when Altavista, Lycos and Co. were the contenders with Google at the verge of dominating the Search engine market at least in Western Europe, skilled young guns eagerly producing new ideas cleverly guided by their experienced team supervisors.

Here is a short extract of our top SEO terms which you might find interesting:

International SEO

Top SEO terms in different languages; Source: Own table Our Consultants’ skills will pave the way for your international success in SEO. We are looking forward to getting in touch with you to discuss

your particular requirements!