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Augmented Reality Audi

On the 20. November 2010, only 41 days remaining until the end of the year on that date, wow, tnx Wikipedia for that info, Audi wrote on their official Audi facebook fan page that the first 300 facebook fans will get an Audi „AugmentedRealityKalender“ with a nice last sentence „Natürlich nur solange Vorrat reicht.“ („Only while stocks last.“) Well, within seconds Audi fans wrote an email to the Audi

facebook team and as you can imagine that 23.333 fans can be very quick...

Audi Facebook Fan Page

Just join our explido facebook fanpage for worldwide performance marketing news and get in touch with our experts. We at explido got today one and so what else to do as check out the great idea. The landscape pictures are amazing but something is missing... Right - the car within it! What is augmented reality? What is necessary to see the models (A1, A3, A4, A5, A6, A7, A8, Q5, Q7, TT and R8). Why this technology is so fascinating and good for SEM (SEO / SEA) and Social Media?

Audi AR Kalendar

Explanation Augmented Reality aka AR: With a smartphone like an iPhone you can see a virtual world within the real world or simulating something with your mobile phone within the real world at exact the place where you are... Sounds complicated? Well the technology behind it for sure but here is a simple example by using an Apple iPhone: During the SES (Search Engine Strategies) in New York I met a developer from an UK company who develops Augmented Reality applications for their customers. What did they do or what did they developed so far? Here is an augmented reality example: While you are exploring a city during your sightseeing trip you will see for sure some construction sites. The unfinished buildings in cities are not that kind of attractive as they are when they are finished... All you have to do now is to start the app on your iPhone is in front of the construction site and you will see the finished building... Your device is able to recognize in real-time the environmental elements in the real world and to provide further information to your device with a semantic context which is setup in a database.

Audi AR Calendar June 2010


Audi has chosen an other idea: „an augmented

reality calendar“ What is necessary to see the models? - iPhone - iTunes Account (normally you have one when you have an iPhone ;o) - Physical Audi AugmentedRealityKalender Explido Testing Audi Augmented reality app

I‘ve downloaded the App and synchronized with my iPhone 4. Then I had to find a wall for the „Audi Augmented Reality Kelander“ calendar, was probably the hardest part so I decided to put it first on a desk ‘cause it was easier to take photos from another iPhone... ;o) Finally we‘ve started the Audi App. Wow, first sentence „Hang your calendar on a well light wall.“ Ok, will it work without a wall, yes, it does! While you see on the calendar „only“ a fabled landscape within a #FinallySummer sunset in June 2010 you will see at your iPhone the same landscape but with an A3 convertible and a familiar roar of the surf plays like background music... You have twelve motifs and so you can enjoy twelve different sounds and models within the wonderful pictures. All in all it is a fascinating technology and people are talking about. Last but not least by the end of this post I would like to share with you the „Audi Augmented Reality Kalender 2010“ video if you‘re not the lucky one to have an own specimen. In this sense Vorsprung durch Technik

As you all know video content is good for SEO and on YouTube you find beside display ads as well SEA (AdWords) it is only a matter of time when search engines try to achieve this technology field and as soon as you start your app companies will be able to place their advertisements within the virtual worlds semantic context while you enjoying the real-world environmental elements. Tagging is becoming again more important. The right SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEA (Search Engine Advertising) strategies should be discussed in coherency with your SMM (Social Media Marketing) activities ‘cause users are looking for that kind of information (companies news or companies apps) more and more often. The future happens now... Audi is dominating the SERPs with keywords like „augemented reality kalender“ or „ar kalendar“ if you keep this in mind for sure more companies will have within the near future X-Mas presents for their customers and first come first, first serve and the Social Media Buzz is huge as well and as you might know or read our latest posts bing and facebook getting every day closer and implemented their results on the one hand facebook likes in the bing SERPs and on the other hand facebook implemented bing search results... To be continued...