Through automation, we made advertising more efficient, profitable and competitive.

The Challenge

Elgiganten currently has about 20,000 products in its online offering. Because Elgiganten has a large number of products in its ever growing offering, it is a challenge to manually create keywords and ads that cover the entire catalog and to update the ads in a timely manner so that the information in the ads and on the site reflect what's actually available in that moment.

The Strategy

Implement iProspect's iActivate tool that creates campaigns, ads, and keywords based on the content of the product feed. iActivate has enabled us to:

1 Effectively create keywords and ads that cover the entire range.

2  Create more relevant ads and increase our Quality Score.

3  Avoid incorrect price and incorrect information in the ads. By loading the information in the ads from the shopping feed, we always show the same information in the text ads as on the site.

4  Match our advertising with inventory levels so we do not advertise on products that are out of stock or have low inventory levels.

5  Distribute the work between the tool and the consultant effectively, giving the consultant more time to focus on strategy and analysis.

The Results

With the help of iActivate, we created customized ads with high relevance that linked directly to product or category pages.


Conversion Rate


Cost Per Click (CPC)





“At Eurostar we love to challenge the way we do things. This partnership has enabled us to reconsider how we buy data for our 'always on' digital acquisition campaigns, offering us a far greater degree of transparency than has been possible before and our audience a more relevant message. The increases we have seen in ROI and transaction value are testament to the power of quality publisher data in reaching new audiences and we look forward to seeing where this can take us in the future.”

Lionel Benbassent /  Former Head of Marketing, Brand & Product, Eurostar