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Performance Display

Display advertising helps influence customers throughout the sales process, from awareness to conversion. Depending on the goal at hand, our clients can leverage display media either as a brand awareness and engagement tool (direct site buys/prospecting campaigns) or as a channel to close the conversion cycle and increase revenue (retargeting). The key differentiator between display media and other digital efforts is targeting capability. Performance display allows us to target by demographics, psychographics, and contextual criteria. In addition, we are able to remarket to consumers who have already expressed interest in the brand, find new customers based on your current customer habits, and take offline consumer data and match with online sources. Display advertising can also be tracked and evaluated more thoroughly than any other digital media, providing insights into how to optimize and expand the campaign to reach new customers.

With these rich opportunities comes the need for specialist expertise. iProspect’s rigorous background in search lends us granular thinking and account structure to help achieve campaign goals. In order to help grow and scale the campaigns, we implement segmentation strategies that appeal to consumers’ past behaviors and interests and we leverage the data available to align offers and creative with consumer segments. This may include incorporating elements such as first-party data for site retargeting, third-party data for behavioral targeting, and lookalike modeling to help identify new customer segments. Our expertise in real-time bidding ensures that dynamic banner messaging reaches the right customer wherever they are and at the right time, based on real individual behavior insight—not just where we expect a marketing segment to be. Through attribution analysis, we offer multi-channel insight to quantify the true impact of your display program.

By having a digital integrated planning and buying team (paid search, natural search, social, affiliates), iProspect is able to create efficiencies, expand reach, and ensure consistent messaging across all digital channels. We are able to take a holistic view on our campaigns to prevent cannibalism of other channels and work cohesively toward client goals. We allocate resources and investments toward driving performance and examine the path to conversion to understand the role of each property or channel.


  • Performance Display Client: Prestige Client

    Aggressive Display campaign for electronics leader exceeds ROI & new customer acquisition goal by targeting consumers at the end of the buying cycle.

    Increase in revenue and 36% decrease in cost.