Paid Search

Paid search has traditionally been the centerpiece of digital marketing due to its strong ROI and guaranteed visibility. Not surprisingly, paid search generally commands two-thirds of the media budget. But with rising bid costs, a proliferation of keywords, and the emergence of mobile, the space is becoming increasingly competitive and complex.

iProspect leads the paid search industry, beta testing dozens of new engine features each year to help drive and refine their development. Our accounts are the most granular, strategic, detailed paid search accounts in the world—earning iProspect a reputation for “Best of the Best in Search” (eTail, 2012). We attribute the effectiveness of our programs to the following factors.

We focus on performance first and foremost. iProspect knows that ‘performance’ can be a relative term and therefore requires a strong understanding of the client’s infrastructure. Once a strong foundation and clear view of the organization is in place, iProspect will then work to identify the key objectives across the organization and across business units. As a partner we must be fully versed in the fundamental reasoning behind an objective, not just the objective itself. And finally, opportunities are defined and realized based on what performance means to our client. While revenue is a strong KPI, our teams seek to understand more about the reason for revenue and more about the overall picture to determine the optimal tactics for execution of search campaigns. Driving to relevant and engaging environments drives direct response, acquisitions, and ecommerce.

Rather than build our own technologies, we build them to spec. It is iProspect’s ability to understand technologies and help our clients build the right “technology recipe” that differentiates iProspect from other agencies. We have structured agreements with numerous major external technologies and software partners including Kenshoo, Marin, DoubleClick, Acquisio, IgnitionOne, and more. As a preferred agency partner, we work directly with each partner on their road mapping plans for advancements, new features, and technologies within their programs. These relationships help us push the innovation envelope. By tailoring technologies to our clients’ needs, we can guarantee improved performance across the largest, most complex search programs in the world.

Our paid search practice is comprehensive. We manage everything from account setup/overhaul to keyword research/expansion, ad copy, landing page recommendations, bid management, and ongoing testing of creative, keywords, and landing pages. We have extensive experience managing complex enterprise accounts with multiple goals and even competing products.

We view paid search with a holistic lens. Individual tactics are important, but if digital channels aren’t working together, then they aren’t generating the greatest return. iProspect employs cross-channel reporting that reveals each channel’s impact on each other as well as your overall marketing mix. We aim to fully understand each client’s target audience, competitive landscape, goals, and other online/offline marketing initiatives to create full-scale campaigns that drive greater results.