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Natural Search

Consumers search for information nearly 18 billion times each month, and when they find the content useful they share it over 36 billion times across the social web. Brands that are getting it right provide true value to their consumers by offering quality content at the right moment, and as a result they become part of the consumer’s consideration set. In an effort to expand their presence online, many companies are shifting more budget and resources into search engine optimization. Forrester’s Interactive Marketing Forecast estimates that companies will spend 58% more with SEO agencies in 2016 compared to 2012.

Natural search optimization is a specialized process that involves analyzing and optimizing elements of your website—underlying code, architecture, and visible content—as well as your offsite links from other domains to ensure that the site ranks as highly as possible in natural search results. One of the greatest challenges of natural search is to produce the best possible user experience while maintaining all of these elements to achieve optimal search rankings. Meanwhile, major search engine algorithms are constantly changing, and staying ahead of the curve is essential.

iProspect’s natural search offering changes the way brands view the role of their website and search by establishing an effective presence in search engine real estate. iProspect has been a leader in SEO for more than 15 years because we build SEO strategies that outlast trends and deliver impactful results. As Google algorithm modifications become more frequent, it is important to have a natural search strategy that transcends the latest trends in increasing organic traffic. Unlike most SEO companies, which focus almost entirely on improving organic rankings, iProspect increases the target market’s search visibility of the client’s overall marketing message through multiple mediums: websites, social media, content development and distribution, and more. Every element of our diverse offering works toward strengthening your search visibility and thus making your brand a trusted part of the consumer decision-making process.