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Personal, Adaptive, Valuable: Three Principles Driving the Future of Retail
In September 2014, iProspect conducted a proprietary consumer research study revealing the future of retail. One undeniable theme emerged from the data: all people, regardless of demographic, gender or age increasingly expect a personalized, adaptive and valuable retail experience.
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Affluent Influencers: How Marketers Can Understand Their Generational Differences & Tap Into Their Authority.
This industry-first study identifies key traits of the most influential demographic today – the Affluent Influencer or “Affluencer”. By uncovering the characteristics of those who influence purchasing decisions, marketers can tap into their unparallel influence and buying power to drive long-term customer engagement and success.
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The Affluent Male: What His Online Behavior Can Teach Luxury Brand Marketers
This industry-first study, including data provided by comScore, reveals who Click to Download the affluent male is, his behaviors and preferences towards devices, research and shopping, and how brands can target and effectively communicate with this audience. To date no one has explored, in detail, the affluent male and his online buying behaviors. This study establishes, for the first time, who the affluent male is.
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The Affluent Consumer Purchase Path:
What Search Behavior Indicates for Success in 2011-2012

An 18-month study by the iProspect Luxury Group, ranging from November 2008 toClick to Download April 2010, which analyzed more than 400 individual luxury and prestige brands. The whitepaper includes detailed key findings during the economic downturn and during the initial recovery.
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The Luxury and Premium Online Consumer:
Turning Online Behaviors into Actionable Digital Strategies

The first actionable research study that identifies not only searching and buyingClick to Download behavioral patterns, but also overlap between the luxury and premium consumer and how to effectively market to this group.
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