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Digital Marketing Acronyms 101
Are you new to digital marketing and not sure what all these different acronyms mean? Check out our Digital Marketing Acronyms 101 Guide with the top 50 most used digital acronyms, along with 50 absurd versions that will make you laugh.
Find the Right Holiday Gift for Today’s Teen
Trying to figure out what the fickle teenagers in your life want to find under thetree this holiday season? Buy them what they are buying for themselves.
Meet the Affluent Influencer
Discover the key traits, preferences and ways to harness the unparallel influence and buying power of this influential demographic.
No Boundaries: Today’s Digital Teen
No Boundaries: Today's Digital Teen is Loyal Only to Content -Not its Delivery or Schedule
The Truth About Marketing Attribution
The latest evolution in marketing performance measurement, attribution illuminates the full scope of how your propects and customers engage with your brand across all channels. But like many new ideas, attribution is often misunderstood.
NFL Draft Predictions
We studied the social web for a two-week period (March 25, 2013 - April 7,2013) to tap the pulse of online conversations about the 2013 NFL Draft. Through the monitoring of major social media netowrks - as well as message boards, blogs, forums, comment threads, and more - We were able to idetify trends and determin public opinion about which teams will select which players.
The 2012 Holiday Shopped Unwrapped
How Santa's helpers are spending their time and money in-store vs. online.
The Digital Election
The Digital Election: How Advertsing, search and social are changing the Political landscape
Olympic Sized Consumption
The 2012 Viewer is Really Connected, there has been explosive growth in mobile and social since The Beijing 2008 Olympic Game. This year, more than 4.9 billion people around the world are expected to watch The London 2012 Olympic Games, including over 211 million Americans
Digital Anatomy of the Affluent Male
There are 19 million affluent males on the Interet and they are shopping online and spending more than ever before. Forty percent of them are shopping online 2x a week or more and spending over $30K annually.
Mandarin Oriental Geotargeting
GeoTargetting, Puts Mandarin Oriental, Miami on the map. There are few industries as competitive and crowded as the hotel inductry. Mandarin Oriental, a luxury hotel owner and operator parented with iProspect with the goal of not only surpassing last year's booking, but also targeting the right consumer for their Miami hotel.