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Turning Searches into Bookings
Over the course of our six-year relationship, we have helped Motel 6’s global travel brand realize a 350% increase in online revenue.


In 2011, Motel 6 wanted to increase their mindshare, extend their reach, address sticky brand reputation issues, and take their creative to the next level – all this, despite heightened competition in an already cutthroat industry, and a dip in travel spending.


Revenue Up 59% YOY
up 350% since account launch 2005
  • iProspect’s campaigns drove 63% of total site revenue
  • 32:1 ROAS in 2011 (exceeding goal of 18:1; up 6%)
  • 60:1 ROAS since summer launch of Local Premier campaign
  • Bid-by-distance: CTR up 12%; ROAS up 21%
  • Application of performance display creative best
    practices doubled CTR
  • Highest efficiency to-date: Maximized reduced budget to generate 17% more revenue


Holistic, technology agnostic, and measurable 

  • Combining our deep knowledge of the hospitality industry with our cross-channel expertise, we delivered a performance-based campaign with a profitable punch.
  • Increased mindshare: Search reorganization (geotargeting, vendor engagement process, and messaging) plus integration of Google’s bid-by-distance beta ensured that Motel 6 was showing up front and center for prospective customers. Listing accuracy was dramatically improved for all 1,100 Motel 6 motels with Local Premier.
  • Extended reach: Granular social campaigns like special interest Facebook ads targeted new customer groups. We also expanded mobile coverage via segmented mobile and iPhone campaigns, bid-by-distance campaigns, and search support for Motel 6’s new iPhone app. Geographically, we applied U.S. learnings to international search campaigns in Germany, France, the UK, and Canada.
  • Addressed brand reputation issues: Reputation monitoring provided the insights needed to proactively address negative consumer sentiments about the quality of accommodations. The launch of a branded YouTube video helped knock negative comments below the fold.
  • Took banner creative to the next level: All display creative was updated based on our best practice methodology. By tweaking and testing messaging, imagery, size, CTA, etc, we doubled the CTR.