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Integration, speed and agility win the day.
Adidas and iProspect pushed the adiZero Rose 2 signature footwear release to the front of the pack in late 2011.


The successful release of a premium sport shoe takes place at the intersection of sports, fashion, and media. For the release of its adiZero Rose 2, adidas wanted to bolster social fan engagement, create awareness of the adiZero Rose 2 as the premier shoe of the season, and create a strong association between their shoe and NBA superstar, Derrick Rose. We had only two weeks to accomplish the mission.


By weaving broadcast and digital marketing to drive increased brand and product engagement across a variety of integrated channels, adidas connected with their audience wherever they were – online, watching broadcast TV, or on mobile. Well-coordinated creative provided a seamless, cross-channel experience that delivered betterthan-anticipated results:

6.7 million
impressions over the two-week campaign
  • 14,000 + visitors to Facebook page
  • CTR of 0.21% (91% increase over the results of the first D Rose shoe launch)
  • Average CPC of $1.61 (on par with the results of the first D Rose shoe launch)
  • $2K incremental revenue from product sales
  • 2K incremental views of “Unleash the Bull” on YouTube


Integration. Speed. Agility. 

  • Capitalizing on Rose’s rise to superstardom, iProspect worked closely with sister agency Carat on a short-flight strategy to establish this product as the most anticipated premium shoe release of the year.
  • After viewing the Rose commercial, viewers searched and were driven either to a special app tab on the adidas basketball Facebook page (desktop searches) or YouTube (mobile searches) where they could engage more deeply with the brand and purchase the product.
  • Social fan base & engagement: By driving fans from search and broadcast to social venues like Facebook and YouTube, we increased the social fan base and improved social engagement with both the brand and the product.
  • Awareness and positioning: Multiple search campaigns around Derrick Rose, basketball, the NBA, and the “Unleash the Bull” concept provided broad coverage. Strategic mid-campaign adjustments captured incremental search traffic around the NBA lockout.
  • Celebrity-brand association: Consistent co-branding in search ads increased consumer awareness of the association between adidas and Rose.