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Reaching Older Demographics with Social Media

By Shirin Mostaghim | Account Specialist

While popular social media sites like Facebook were once exclusively for college students, marketers now have a multitude of social media options to choose from. As the popularity of social media grows, so does the variety of users, including an older demographic. And today, social media is a great tool to reach this market.

The value of social media
Businesses should participate in social media because it is a hub for users of all different backgrounds and ages who can be reached via controlled messaging. Increased exposure to users leads to greater brand awareness, stronger associations, and more traffic and leads for your business. In short, when you employ the right social media strategies, your target demographic is bound to find you.

Why you should use it to reach seniors
If your target audience is senior and perhaps less Internet savvy, reaching them with online marketing can seem like a daunting task. However, these users are on social media, and you should be too. In fact, year-over-year, older adults are increasingly logging onto social media sites to keep in touch with friends and family, find people from their past, and partake in online discussions. Recent studies show that users over 50 are the fastest growing demographic for Facebook and other social media. Additionally, usage among those over the age of 65 grew 100 percent since 2009, while usage of Twitter has more than doubled among those 50 and older since 2009.

Getting started
Below are a few tips to help you leverage social media to reach an older demographic:

  1. Verify your target demographic: Even if you think you know your target, check the data to be sure. Tools like and can provide you with details on who is visiting your site, including age demographics.
  2. Utilize the right social media: Once you know that older demographics are indeed who you want to target, be sure to look beyond popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to those that cater to an older demographic. is known as the online community for Boomers, and is an example of older users connecting over interests and online forums, which could relate to your business.
  3. Connect frequently and relevantly: Frequent, relevant posts and updates are crucial to social media success. Ideally, you should have a social media administrator to update and monitor this content frequently, using language and offerings catered to your audience.
  4. Get involved: When you’re not posting, see what groups or pages you can create; browse online conversations to see what users are discussing, and get involved. Make it clear that your company is a credible resource in the field, and give users a reason to follow you and get to know you better.

Today, social media sites are no longer just for the collegiate set. Older demographics are engaging with these sites more and more, and smart marketers will leverage this channel to reach them.

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