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World Travel Holdings Team Goes to Travel Conference in Disney World

By Lois Yoon | Search Marketing Specialist

Last week, iProspect’s World Travel Holdings (WTH) team gave a presentation on pay per click (PPC) advertising to a group of travel agents at a conference hosted by one of our clients at Disney World. We met hundreds of dedicated travel agents who are passionate about selling travel experiences. However, the idea of the Internet and more importantly, advertising on the Internet, was a daunting idea to them. iProspect’s role was to demystify the world of online adverting and educate them that in reality, PPC advertising can be simple and effective once you understand it.

Our client, a franchise travel retailer, is comprised of a thousand local travel agents throughout the United States. They are passionate small business owners dedicated to selling dream vacations. Throughout the year, corporate hosts multiple regional conferences in heavily condensed travel agent areas which lead to the annual national conference for all agents to attend. These conferences provide corporate updates, industry trends, and marketing strategies that will gear the agents for success in the year ahead. And this year iProspect was invited to speak.

iProspect’s role at National Conference was to educate the agents on PPC advertising and to showcase how corporate involvement in PPC directly impacts the agents’ business. But our main goal was to inspire and empower the agents to participate in PPC themselves. After demystifying the Internet, we highlighted four key points that would encourage them to consider pay per click as an avenue for advertising.

  1. Ability to Scale Business Efficiently: Word of mouth and advertising in your local community is a great place to start, but can be limiting if you’re looking to expand your customer base. The internet allows advertisers to scale their business and reach a larger audience.
  2. Cost Does Not Have to be a Roadblock:
    1. Pay Per Click: Like the name insinuates, with PPC you only pay when your ad is clicked. This is not only efficient in terms of costs, but filters traffic to be more qualified.
    2. Targeting: PPC can be financially attainable if you have the right strategies in place. Focus your reach and narrow your target audience by utilizing the targeting options: keyword choice, location (region, country, state, city, zip code), device, operating system and language.
  3. Tracking: Traditional means of advertising can be difficult to track – newspaper, church bulletin, radio – but PPC allows advertisers to know exactly how many times an ad appeared and how many times it was clicked on. In addition, conversions and sales can be tracked if you apply the correct tracking mechanisms.
  4. Let Consumers Find You: A unique benefit to PPC is that you are reaching an audience that is actively searching for your product, or business. Imagine getting in front of that audience the minute they are searching for it.

Overall, the feedback from the presentation was overwhelmingly positive. With a little education and the right strategy in mind, any small business can start PPC advertising to expand reach and boost sales.


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