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Is a picture really only worth a thousand words?

By Tara Mohtadi | Digital Marketing Coordinator

We love to communicate through pictures: we Pin, Twitpic, Hipstagram, Instagram, and Facebook everything.  From the greatest burger we’ve ever eaten to our recent Italian vacation, we are our own muse. Technology has given us the ability to call ourselves photographers and there is a good reason: images create an instant connection and emotion, something brands spend countless hours longing for and millions of dollars trying to create.

Brands can establish a bond with their consumers by effectively utilizing all of these mediums. Search ads can share how much you are saving during the next sale, but an Instagram pic gives a sneak peek behind the scenes. Take for example Beyonce’s personal tumblr that went live to promote the relaunch of her new site.  By sharing photos with her fans, she is allowing them to enter her world of yachts and Jay-Z. She has established an intimate connection with her fans and expanded her brand awareness.

Maintaining these photo-charged social outlets give companies the ability to engage and repeatedly reconnect with people who are passionate about the brand. By keeping content updated and relevant, it creates a desire to come back for more.  This closeness is not something that can be particularly monetized but executed correctly, it can bring the certain intangibles that can engage consumers and build brand loyalty.

As a customer, we can now enter the world of our favorite brands in an instant. We have VIP access backstage at Fashion Week (with no credentials), are at coolest afterparty at South by Southwest (didn’t have to wait in line) and on the stage at Coachella (without breaking a desert sweat).  These experiences not only win companies’ business, they make their brand experience personal…and that just can’t be bought.

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