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iProspect Runs the 4th Annual Superhero 5K

Gian Casimiro | Search Marketing Specialist

Support from your peers isn’t difficult to find at iProspect, where collaboration is a value that’s encouraged each day.  Too often in the context of a workplace, you think of support in the scope of projects and tasks.  But support at iProspect extends beyond the office to outside hobbies and passions.  Even ones you haven’t developed yet. width=

I’m not a runner.  My most athletic moments are reserved for leaping over rain puddles in New England.  Hordes of Bostonians are runners and it’s difficult to escape the sport in a city that hosts the oldest marathon in the world.  I gave running a chance.  A mile every other day isn’t medal-worthy, nor is it particularly encouraging, but it comes up in conversation.  And when I felt discouraged about my progress, sure enough, iProspectors were there to support my new hobby.  We were going to run a race together if that’s what it took to keep me running.

That’s how iProspect ran the Fourth Annual Superhero 5K in Cambridge, Mass earlier this week.  It’s a fun race that’s held around Halloween each year and encourages runners to dress up in superhero costumes and fly through Mass Ave, one of the busiest streets in the city.  Creativity is rewarded with prizes, but there’s even more credit to gain for running over three miles in an elaborate getup.

As promised, I kept running.  Three weeks of training and a Superman shirt later, I tip-tapped through Cambridge and willed myself up a hill to see colleagues cheer me on at the finish line.  Naturally, they finished ahead of me so someone could witness something I never imagined doing.  What started out as “something to do” became a team event and the first race of my life.  Thanks to my team for all of their support.

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