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Four Goals for Creating Online Video Content

Alicia Bisanti | Account Specialist

Online users have come to expect video content from every brand they encounter on the web. But how do you stand out amongst the crowd? Before optimizing your videos for SEO you need to understand the goal of your content so that you can tailor it to your audience. Here are four goals to keep in mind when creating online video content.

Rich Snippets – Video rich snippets have a higher CTR than traditional organic results and are valuable when trying to drive traffic to specific pages – typically “product” or “category” pages in some form. You can get rich snippets for your brand by self-hosting a video, and by submitting a video sitemap to search engines.

Conversions – Videos are valuable within the conversion funnel for online visitors who are on the “cusp” of converting. A video can bridge the gap between interest and conversion, and for that reason should almost always be self-hosted rather than be placed on a sharing website like YouTube. Why? Because the goal is to achieve rich snippets and drive additional traffic to the conversion pages of the website.

Brand Awareness – Video can provide the opportunity to display the “faces” of your brand either by filming actual employees and patients, or by explaining the “character” of the company through story, imagery and sound. There are fundamentally two different methods of improving brand awareness through video:

1.      Pay for it through an online ad placement (reach)
2.      Generate it organically through viral sharing (creative storytelling)

Links and Social Shares – Arguably the most rewarding ‘win’ in SEO. Videos can be self-hosted or hosted on a shared domain (YouTube) to achieve links and social shares. If hosting on a shared domain, it’s important to provide the text link at the bottom so that the juice will be sourced back to your website.

The best way to get traction with video is to create valuable and useful video content that makes visitors want to stay on your website, or YouTube channel. Break down the goal and purpose of each of video and build your message around it – not the other way around.





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